Origaminous – Part 1

Here is another story in the new book coming out soon!


Origami was all the craze at Willakaville Elementary School. Who knows why or how it started? Several kinds of folded paper creations littered the school hallways. Every corner held piles of hopping frogs, flapping cranes, water bombs, ninja stars, and more. The local stores barely kept up with the demand for the highly sought after eight and a half by eleven-inch white sheets.

Marcus Brown was master of the crease and tuck. He mastered all the animals and even knew how to create the fabled Kusudama. The Kusudama was one of the most difficult pieces. It used six papers with hundreds of folds. It was his greatest accomplishment. However, his thirst for origami demanded he find an even bigger challenge.

Marcus did some research and learned about a little know design called the Magic Makari Mystery. There were no known photos of it. From what he could piece together, it should look like a ball of spikes and spirals interweaved in an orb web pattern. He looked everywhere for the instructions: the library, online, bookstores, and yard sales.

He just about gave up on finding it. Until, by a stroke of luck, a stranger gave him a copy. Marcus was eating with his family at their favorite and only sushi restaurant in Willakaville, ‘The Golden Ginzo”. One of the sushi chefs overheard Marcus talking about it. As they were leaving, the chef handed Marcus a neatly rolled piece of paper. It looked ancient and was ties with a dark red silk ribbon.

As he handed Marcus the worn scroll, he said, “Be very careful. Power will reveal chaos like weeds in a garden. It must never be kept in the darkness.” The chef bowed and Marcus bowed back. He was very curious to see the writing on the inside. They could not get back to the car fast enough. As soon as he put his seatbelt on, he untied the ribbon and unrolled the parchment.

The top portion of the scroll revealed a hand painted diagram of the Magic Makari Mystery. With excitement, he said, “Yes!” Unrolling it further exposed more diagrams showing detailed folding instructions. He could not wait to get home and try it.


The Noise – Part 1

Hello – It has been a while since I posted. Life can get busy sometimes. But, no excuses! I need to finish my 4th book. So each week or less, I will release a piece of a story until I am done. My goal is to complete the book by the end of June.

As I post these, I welcome any and all feedback. 🙂



The Noise

At first, no one noticed, except for the dogs. Each had their heads tilted to one side, intensely listening. It was as if an important announcement needed their full attention.

Shawna was the first human to hear it. She was frustrated because no one else could. “What is that strange noise?” she asked her parents at the dinner table.

“What noise dear?” answered her mother.

“That noise. It sounds like: budu dubba budu bida budu dubba budu bida. You don’t hear it?”

“No, I don’t.”

Shawna looked at her dad. He shook his head with some concern on his face. Shawna took a deep breath and sighed. She decided not to say anything more about it as her parents tended to overreact about everything. Rather than create a bunch of drama, she changed the subject. She said, “Maybe it is just a song stuck in my head. Oh well. These potatoes are good mom. What did you put in them?”

“I put bacon, parmesan, and a touch of saffron.”

Shawna took another bite and said, “Mmmmm. Tasty.” Then she carved a bite of steak and began chewing. Her mouth instinctively ground the meat between her teeth using the same rhythm as the noise in her head. It was annoying yet fun in some way. Her mouth was dancing to the beat and she imagined a small disco party going on in her mouth. Tiny pieces of food began shaking to the groove and hopping about.

All through dinner and after, the annoying beat kept pounding in her brain. The only thing that would drown it out was listening to music in her headphones. However, as soon as she turned them off, the noise came right back.

It was worse the next day at school. She could barely concentrate and her hand would uncontrollably tap her pencil to the beat. Other kids and her teachers became agitated with this. By lunchtime, Shawna couldn’t take it anymore and went to the nurses station.


Willakaville: Baffling Ballads of Boisterous Braveness

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Something BIG is coming!

Get Ready!

Something Really BIG is Coming!

The second volume of Willakaville is on its way. More wackiness, more monsters, more Willakavilliness, more…more.

I am about 50% of the way through writing it. I estimate it will take me about 2-3 more months. I have learned a lot from writing the first book and believe this one will be even better.

Here is a short excerpt to get you ready:


The Lost City

The first time Jeremy went to Mexico, everything was new and different. He did not know what to expect and he was a little bit afraid. Now that he had been there several times, some of the newness had worn off. He was still excited, just less anxious, which was a good thing.

He had been to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel and his favorite city, Playa del Carmen. He was super happy when he found out they would be going to Playa del Carmen again this year. He really loved exploring the Cenotes. The Cenotes were underground caves. Most of them had pools of diamond clear water or slow moving rivers that were great for swimming.

It took him and his father a couple days to settle in. they had eaten some good Mexican food, gone to the beach, checked out the local shops and made friends with the hotel staff. Jeremy wished his mother could have been with them.

Jeremy’s mother had passed away a few years ago. He really missed her. They always had fun playing jokes on people. There was one time when they had caught an iguana and let it loose in the hotel restaurant at breakfast. They laughed so hard watching all the people screaming and knocking over their plates as the wait staff chased after the little scaly green monster scurried under the tables.

He was lost in a daze ad he imagined her while eating breakfast at the same hotel. A small voice awoke him from his daydream. It was a small Mexican boy, he held out his hand with a necklace dangling from it. It was comprised of a black leather strap and the pendant was an intricatelt carved stone cube. It looked to be made of turquoise and was attached with a bright sliver crown.

Jeremy already had his mind set on buying a new headlamp to use in the Cenotes. The one he wanted was completely waterproof and had five settings. He told the boy, “No gracias,” which meant “No thanks,” in Spanish. The boy grabbed Jeremy’s hand and placed the necklace inside. Then the boy said, “Es pour su adventura. Dos y dos, tres y tres, quattro, cinco, seis.” and ran off before Jeremy could do anything.

Jeremy sat there, puzzled, and studied the carvings on the pendant. They were not like anything he had seen before. Each side of the cube had a different combination of spirals on it. He liked it and decided to keep it and wear it. His father came back from the buffet and immediately noticed.


He said, “That is a cool necklace. But weren’t you saving your money for the headlamp?”

“Yes,” answered Jeremy, “I was. A little boy just came up and gave it to me. He said it was for my adventure and then said the numbers two and two, three and three, four, five six.”

“Hmm,” said his father raising one eyebrow. “It looks very nice. We will keep a lookout for the owner. You may have to give it back.”

Jeremy was a bit dissapointed, but knew his father was right. He thought about how he would feel if he lost something like that and saw it on someone else. “Sure dad,” he replied. “I think I will still wear it. That way, if it is someone elses, they will have a better chance to see it.”

His father nodded his head and began eating the delicious Mexican pastries. Jeremy put on the necklace and devoured his goodies. Just afterword, they went back to their room to collect their gear for cave exploration. They were going to visit some new cenotes today. Once everything was packed, they headed for the car rental shop.

Welcome to Willakaville

Welcome to Willakaville! An ordinary small town turned upside down by magic, mayhem and mystery. Follow amazing children through incredible adventures as they battle monsters, travel back in time and zoom through outer space. Readers will learn valuable lessons on problem solving, ownership, self esteem, creativity and manners.

If you are into action, adventure, science fiction and general silliness, this book is for you.