Origaminous Part 2

Continuation of the story…


Several days passed and Marcus still couldn’t complete the Magic Makari. He was able to get most of the folds. However, one fold proved to be very difficult. Everytime he attemped it, the paper would rip and he would have to start over. It was the reverse-outside-switch with a closed-z- sink-kite-pocket-fold.

Marcus was determined and he would not give up. About a week later, after many sleepless nights, he finally managed to complete it. It was beautiful and he felt a deep proudness. There was something unusual about it. No matter which way he turned it, the folds cast no shadow. Normally, the side of each fold opposite of a light source would be a little darker. With the Magic Makari, each surface was as bright as the next.

Marcus believed it might be truly magic. He held it between his outstretched hands and made a wish. He said, “I wish that I was not sick anymore.” Since he had not been getting enough sleep, he contracted a cold and had a runny nose and cough all day.

As soon as he made his wish, the Magic Makari floated from his hands and began spinning. It rotated faster and faster until it suddenly stopped and fell on the floor. Marcus quickly picked it up and was surprised to notice that his cold was gone. Amazingly, he had no more symptoms.

“Wow,” he thought. “This thing really is powerful! I should wish for some money. Wait, that guy said not to use it for dark thoughts. Maybe if I just ask for a little bit of money. I am not going to use it for anything dark. I just want to buy some video games. Video games are fun. Nothing dark about that.”

Therefore, he did. He wished for one hundred dollars. Again, the Magic Makari floated, spun, and fell to the floor. As he went to pick it up, he found a one hundred dollar bill lying underneath. Then he heard a noise. It sounded like some papers rustling.

He turned around and instantly became frightened and amazed. One of the dinosaur origami’s he made was walking around. It was trying to eat the pig shaped origami. Marcus picked it up and it bit him. The tiny teeth gave him a small paper cut. He reacted by crumpling up the dinosaur in his hands and throwing it on the floor.

To his astonishment, it un-crumpled itself and returned back to its dinosaur shape. Marcus grabbed a plastic cup and scooped up the little monster. It ferociously scraped and clawed at the sides, trying to escape. Thinking fast, he ran to the bathroom and dumped it in the toilet. The paper beast thrashed and splashed until it finally softened and fell apart. A quick flush sent it to a final and watery grave.


Origaminous – Part 1

Here is another story in the new book coming out soon!


Origami was all the craze at Willakaville Elementary School. Who knows why or how it started? Several kinds of folded paper creations littered the school hallways. Every corner held piles of hopping frogs, flapping cranes, water bombs, ninja stars, and more. The local stores barely kept up with the demand for the highly sought after eight and a half by eleven-inch white sheets.

Marcus Brown was master of the crease and tuck. He mastered all the animals and even knew how to create the fabled Kusudama. The Kusudama was one of the most difficult pieces. It used six papers with hundreds of folds. It was his greatest accomplishment. However, his thirst for origami demanded he find an even bigger challenge.

Marcus did some research and learned about a little know design called the Magic Makari Mystery. There were no known photos of it. From what he could piece together, it should look like a ball of spikes and spirals interweaved in an orb web pattern. He looked everywhere for the instructions: the library, online, bookstores, and yard sales.

He just about gave up on finding it. Until, by a stroke of luck, a stranger gave him a copy. Marcus was eating with his family at their favorite and only sushi restaurant in Willakaville, ‘The Golden Ginzo”. One of the sushi chefs overheard Marcus talking about it. As they were leaving, the chef handed Marcus a neatly rolled piece of paper. It looked ancient and was ties with a dark red silk ribbon.

As he handed Marcus the worn scroll, he said, “Be very careful. Power will reveal chaos like weeds in a garden. It must never be kept in the darkness.” The chef bowed and Marcus bowed back. He was very curious to see the writing on the inside. They could not get back to the car fast enough. As soon as he put his seatbelt on, he untied the ribbon and unrolled the parchment.

The top portion of the scroll revealed a hand painted diagram of the Magic Makari Mystery. With excitement, he said, “Yes!” Unrolling it further exposed more diagrams showing detailed folding instructions. He could not wait to get home and try it.

The Noise – Part 3

This is the third and final part of the story. I hope you enjoyed it and keep your eyes out for the next story coming soon! 🙂


Shawna told her parents that she had to stay late after school to study for a test. She did not want to lie, but was sure here parents would not believe her if she told the truth.

She met the nurse in the parking lot and they walked down the row of cars. Towards the end, the stopped in front of a bright white Cadillac. It had gold rims and trim. Shawna thought, “Pretty flashy car for a school nurse.”

They got in and headed down the street towards the west side of town. After a several miles, Shawna started to become concerned. They had taken many different small roads, deep into the tall trees. So tall, that they blocked a large part of the sun. It seemed to be getting darker and creepier by the minute.

Shawna had to ask, “I am not familiar with this area? Is there a church back here somewhere?”

The nurse smiled, showing a full set of blinding white teeth with a twinkling diamond on the upper right incisor. She answered, “Don’t you be a worryin’ my dear. We soon be dere.”

Deeper into the trees they went and Shawna’s fear grew by the second. “We here!” announced the nurse. In front of them was an old wooden shack of a house. Dead animals and bones hung from tattered ropes on the front porch. Shawna felt her stomach sink and sheer panic set in.

As she opened the car door to escape and run, she felt a sharp pain in her back. She managed to run a few steps until her legs became numb. Then she collapsed to her knees and felt the rest of her body become limp. She couldn’t move and an overwhelming sleepiness swept through her. The last thing she saw before everything went black was the face of the nurse laughing.

Upon awakening, she found herself tied down to a hard, wooden table. Twisting and pulling, she struggled to break free. It was no use. The ropes burned her wrists every time she moved them.. Desperate, all she could do was cry.

That’s when the nurse came in wearing a full outfit made of bones and hair. Her face was painted white with black around the eyes and lips. All sorts of brown and black feathers decorated her hair. She said, “Now don go an a cry baby girl. Dis da easy part. It gonna hurt a lot more dan dat.”

“Where am I?” cried out Shawna. “Why are you doing this? Please let me go.”

“You bout ready to bring me da power. Babbi Makki ain’t really come yet. Das what you for. You be his sacrifice. You bring him here. He wanna you dead so he can live.” Then she pulled out a large spear decorated with red and black paint.

“No, no, no. Please stop. I will help you get whatever you want. I can get you money, I can help you.”

“I don need no help. Babbi Makki only one can givin’ me what I want. He bring me da power and da beauty and da immortality. Now you hush girl. Or else dis gonna be more painful.”

Shawna’s body shook with fear. She could hear the noise getting louder and louder in her head.

Budu dubba budu bida budu dubba budu bida…


The nurse began chanting and dancing. Her eyes glowed orange from the reflection of the fire torches surrounding them. The chanting became louder and faster as her body rolled in waves. Then she stopped, raised the spear up high and whispered, “Babbi Makki, Babbi Makki, Babbi Makki.”

Shawna thought this was it. Visions of her life flashed through her eyes. She felt her mother’s gentle kiss on her forehead. She felt her father’s strong arms holding her tight. Gripping the sides of the table, she braced herself and closed her eyes tight. It was silent.

Then came a whoosh, a crack, and a thud. Shawna did not feel any pain though. She opened her eyes and no longer was the nurse standing above her. Instead was a strange little man. He had pure white skin and wore all white robes.

He smiled as he untied Shawna and said, “You are a very brave girl. I think you deserve a gift.” He handed her clear plastic bag full of oddly shaped seeds. “Now I will sing you a song: Lobba looba lippity loo. Shloopy shleppy shamma shoo.” As soon as he sang the last word, he farted very loudly and disappeared into thin air.

Shawna did not know if she should cry or laugh. Either way, she was very happy to be out of danger. The little man must have also loosened her restraints, because she was now free. She expected the nurse to be lying on the floor. However, a voodoo doll lay in her place.

She did not want to stay there any longer and ran out of the shack as fast as possible. On the way out, she tripped over a stone and hit her head on the ground, which knocked her unconscious. When she woke up, she was back in the nurse’s office lying on the cushioned table. This time a different nurse was standing over her.

“How are you feeling sweetie?” she asked.

Shawn said, “I am ok. How did I get here?”

“You fell unconscious during the show.”

“What show?”

“The Caribbean drum show, silly. Don’t you remember it?”

“No. I guess I just blacked out. I feel ok now though.”

Just then, her mother and father walked through the door. Her mother hugged her first and said, “I am so glad you are ok. We were very worried when the school called.”

Her father gave her a hug next and added, “Yeah, we love you very much. You want to go get some ice cream?”

“Yeah!” exclaimed Shawna with a big smile. She thought, “Perhaps it was all a dream.” She kept that idea until she noticed something in her pocket while riding in the car. She shivered with chills when seeing it. It was a plastic bag holding strange looking seeds.

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The Mushroom Virus


Mr. Snarr’s science class was the best. Every day he had a new experiment for the kids to perform. With his long white lab coat and messy hair, he stood in front of class and demonstrated the experiment. He used a lot of comedy and usually ended up making a big mess. His favorite expression was, “If you are not making a mess, you are not making science.”

Today, they were growing mold in a petri dish. Mr. Snarr showed them how to boil the solution. He spilled some on his hand and pretended to turn into a monster. The kids all laughed (though some were scared at first).

Marty Gifford laughed the hardest. He loved science. He was always doing experiments at his house. His mother found all kinds of strange things in his room. Once, he built a pulley system so he could open all the drawers in his dresser. His mother got all tangled up in the ropes and was stuck there for half the afternoon. After that, Marty had to take his experiments to the shed.

Being curious and adventurous, he decided to add a little extra to his mixture. He had a chewable vitamin his mother put in his lunch for him to eat each day. Marty hated the vitamins, because they tasted horrible. He thought, “Why can’t my mom get me the gummy vitamins like all the other kids.” His mom had insisted on this particular vitamin since it was organic and all natural.

He took out the vitamin, crushed it up and proceeded to sprinkle the green powder on top of his petri dish solution. He hoped the vitamins would make the mold grow faster and he would amaze the teacher with his new findings.

The next day, Marty was excited to see how his mold was growing. However, he was disappointed when his mother told him school was cancelled. She said the school was contaminated by some kind of fungus. Marty wondered if it had something to do with their petri dish experiments.

Later that day, Marty’s friend Oscar came over to play. As they were playing cards, Marty asked, “Hey Oscar. Your dad is a policeman right?”

Oscar answered, “Yes, he usually works at night, but was called over to the school because of what happened this morning. He told us some strange mushrooms were growing all over the school. Weird, right?”

“Yeah. Weird.” said Marty. “We should go check it out.”

They got their bicycles and rode down to the school. Police cars were everywhere. They saw some men wearing protective white paper suits that covered them from head to toe. Their heads had those gigantic helmets on with the big clear plastic facemasks. Some were carrying out wheelbarrows full of bright yellow and orange mushrooms.

People from all over town were standing around watching. One of the mushrooms fell out of a wheelbarrow and instantly more mushrooms began to grow. They spread like a wild fire, each time one popped up, five more popped up around it. Soon, they covered most of the school grounds.

Everyone started backing up and some started to run. Marty and Oscar got on their bikes and pedaled back to their homes. When Marty got there, his dad was packing up the minivan.

“Hey Marty,” hey yelled. “Grab some clothes and your toothbrush. Don’t forget some clean underwear and socks. We are getting out of here in fifteen minutes.”

Marty knew this was serious. He rushed to his room and got out his luggage. He filled it with some clothes, his toothbrush and his video games. He couldn’t survive without those. His older brother and sister were running around like crazy trying to figure out what to bring. Their dad only allowed them one suitcase each.

They quickly all piled into the minivan and started driving. When they got to the edge of the town, they were barricaded by the police. Marty’s dad decided to try another route, but it was blocked too.

He parked the car down a deserted road and told everyone to get out and grab his or her bags.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Marty’s older brother Todd.

His dad answered, “We need to get out of here. We are going to have to walk.”

After some arguing, they each got their suitcase and started walking. They made it through some trees where they were stopped again. This time it was the military. They had set up a big chain link fence. It looked like it went all the way around Willakaville. Army tanks rolled past followed by men with machine guns patrolling it. Big steam shovels were digging a huge trench and filling it with some type of green chemical.

“Well,” said Marty’s dad. “I guess we are under quarantine. Let’s go get some groceries and head back to the house.”

When they got to the grocery store, it had been ransacked. Most everything was gone. Only a few things like deodorant and toenail clippers were left. Still, Marty’s family searched the store. They managed to find some lima beans, asparagus soup and rye crackers.

As they drove home, they could see a large area of Willakaville covered with orange and yellow mushrooms.


Several days had passed since the mushrooms first appeared. Everything closed down. People were too afraid to leave their houses. They did not know what the mushrooms might do to them.

The town was scarce on food. It had to be delivered each week by truck. All they got to eat was pasta, cereal, spam, bananas and milk. Marty was so sick of eating the same thing everyday. In fact, everyone was.

Marty was bored and looked out his front window, wishing he could go out and play. He missed his friend Oscar. Marty’s brother Todd, saw Marty and came next to him. He gave Marty a pat on the back and then opened the door.

“No!” screamed Marty. “Dad said we can’t go outside.”

Todd did not listen. He just kept on walking. Marty watched in horror as his brother crouched down, picked up a mushroom and ate it. Marty started crying, thinking that his brother would soon fall over dead. Luckily, he did not. He just sat there eating mushroom after mushroom. After eating about six or seven, Todd looked at Marty and gave him the thumbs up sign with a big smile on his face.

Marty opened the door and shouted, “You are crazy!”

Todd replied, “Come on out, these taste really good.”

Marty said, “No way! Who knows what those can do to you. They could be poisonous!”

“Whatever,” smirked Todd.

Marty’s father was furious with Todd. His mother, who always worried about everything, kept crying all night. Todd seemed fine though. He said that he felt great. He had tons of energy and even cleaned all the dishes that night. Marty thought, “Maybe all these mushrooms are not so bad after all. Everyone is probably freaking out over nothing.”

Unfortunately, Marty was wrong. Just when he thought everything was ok is when things got worse. I mean really worse. The next day, Todd started eating more mushrooms. It was all he wanted. He would not eat anything else. It was as if he was obsessed with them. In fact, he was obsessed with them. He started getting angry when he didn’t have one. He was eating so many that his skin was turning yellow and orange like the mushrooms.

His father saw what was happening and locked Todd in his room. But, the mushrooms made Todd crazy and gave him superhuman strength. He broke the door down to his room and ran out of the house. His dad tried to catch him, but the mushrooms gave Todd the speed of a cheetah.

They searched for him all morning. Along the way, they saw other people running around like wild animals and eating mushrooms. They all had that same crazy look in their eyes like Todd. It was as if they were zombies. Orange and yellow zombies. All they cared about were mushrooms. They almost hit a few of them on the way back home.

Things got even weirder. At night, groups of ten to twenty of the mushroom zombies gathered and made noises. It sounded like some kind of deranged gorillas. You could hear a low “Brooo, Brooo, Brooooooooo!” in the middle of the night.

Day by day you could see more and more of these yellow orange mushshroom zombies wandering around, eating mushrooms and making strange noises. Marty thought that this might be the end for Willakaville.

That was, until one day, his friend Oscar came over. He was very excited about something.

“Marty, Marty,” he said gasping for breath. “I made a discovery.”

“What is it?” answered Marty.

“Remember when Mr. Snarr was teaching us about fungus and how it can grow on your bodies?”


“Well, do you also remember when he told us that garlic and oregano are natural anti-fungals?”


“I decided to pour some garlic salt and oregano on some of the mushrooms. And one of those mushroom eaters ate it. About an hour later they were cured. The other mushrooms I put it on also died and no new ones grew back.”

“That is excellent!” exclaimed Marty. “We have to tell everyone!”

Marty and Oscar told their families and they went out with garlic and oregano and demonstrated the effects to their neighbors. Soon, more and more people heard the news and they passed it on to more and more people. Within a few days, the whole town was practically cured.

Word eventually made it to the military, who ended up spraying the entire town with garlic salt and oregano. All the mushrooms were finally destroyed. The military removed the fences and buried the ditches. Things finally got back to normal in Willakaville, except that it smelled like a big piece of lasagna.

Poor Mr. Riggatoli had to change his Italian restaurant into a hair studio. No one in Willakaville was hungry for Italian food for a long time…

The Best Sandwich Ever

Start with a nice and fresh new hoagie roll.
Cut it in half and toast it real slow.
Three dollops of mayonnaise
on bottom and top.
 Thinly sliced beef
from the best butcher shop.
Two slivers of cheese,
one cheddar, one swiss.
 Melted on top.
A tongue tasting bliss.
Red ripe tomatoes
straight from the vine.
 Blushing rose vinegar
made from red wine.
Crunchy cold pickle bits.
Peppers, slightly hot.
 Smoked salmon cold cuts
just freshly caught.
A side of potato chips, cheese puffs or fries.
Too big for your mouth is just the right size.
Cut it in half with only one chop.
Then crack open a cold soda pop.
Take a big bite.
Eat it with style.
 Enjoying each taste
Can take quite a while.
Chew all the flavors
Before you will swallow.
Crunch a few chips
Drink some to follow.
And when you are through
And think you are done.
 Go back to the kitchen
And make another one.
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A Wish from a Fish

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 A Wish from a Fish

A Wish from a Fish

Teddywinkle the toad went down the road.
Where he found a nice bog and hid in a log.
Waiting for bugs to come by.

A nice little fish gave Teddywinkle a wish.
There upon him was a magical fin.
That gave wishes
in the wink of an eye.

The toad then replied with eyes open wide,
“What shall I wish for new friend.

The fish had suggestions,
and many more questions.
They seemed to come without end.

This is what came out of his mind:

Fame and fortune
Gold and glory
A beautiful mansion of seventeen story
Large dessert portions
Jewels and fun
Everything under the sun
Health and happiness
Power and fame
A super intelligent brain
Sharpness and snappiness
Super star muscles
A promising business that bustles
All the bells and the whistles
Handsome and healthy
To be extra importantly wealthy
A title of the highest of officials
Candy and cake
A fizzling soda pop lake

Then the toad said, “I don’t want all those.”

The fish said, “What then, do you suppose?”

The toad thought hard and though long.
He thought deep and thought strong.
He thought left and thought right.
He thought loose and thought tight.

The fish was pacing and racing.
What could the toad have to say?
He thought, “I cannot be staying and waiting.
I do not have all night and all day.
Please won’t this toad make up his mind?”

The toad kept on thinking and thinking.
Searching all thoughts he could find.
Then, something came singing and ringing.
From the very exact middle
of his little toad mind.

“I’ve got it!” he exclaimed.
“It came right from my brain.
I knew it was there all along.
“What is it?” shouted the fish.
“What is your wish?
That I have waited to hear for so long?
Said the toad, “I will tell you dear sir.
It is something I know makes me happy.
It is something that I’ll like for sure.
It is something quite wonderful and snappy.”

Then the toad stood up tall.
And with no shame at all.
Said he wanted some socks.

“Some socks? Some socks!
Are you plain crazy?
You can have so many more things!”
Said the fish with eyes glazy.

“Some socks I wish upon my back feet.
It’s so cold in the wet and damp peat.
I freeze them each time I sit down to eat.
So please do not make me repeat.
And give me some socks or admit your defeat.”
Said the toad clear and complete.

The fish then swam three circles around.
Jumped in the air
and came splashing down.

As soon as he did, the toad had his treat.
Two purple socks covered his feet.