Improving Education & Preparing Kids for Life


Having kids of my own, I have always tried to teach them as much as I can. I want them to take advantage of all the life lessons I have learned over the past 40 years. But there is only so much time in a day and time in a childhood. Since children spend a majority of their time in school, I think it would be great if they would also teach some of these life lessons too. That is one thing I try to do with my Willakaville books. Hopefully, some kids can get those lessons in a fun way.

Math, reading, and history are all important. However, imagine if we taught kids how to deal better with their emotions. Now imagine how much better the world would be when they grow up. People will work better together, solve problems, and help each other more. This ultimately benefits society by reducing conflict, crime and inefficiencies. I would happily pay more taxes to keep my kids in school longer for this purpose.

The below links are to some good articles talking about how to prepare kids for life.

What if Schools Taught Kindness?

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We Need a Better Way to Educate our Children!

I have to admit that I am frustrated with the way my children are being educated. My daughter has one teacher who hands out paperwork and then goes back and sits at her desk and looks at her phone all class. With all of the technology we have today, our children should easily be able to get the best education from the best teachers in the world.

I am not sure how we can improve the situation, However, something needs to change. We need an education revolution.

Check out these TED talks to see more of what I mean:

Issues Children Will Face in the Future

What will the future look like for our kids. Global warming, disease, overpopulation, water shortages? These may be what you are thinking. I want to know about the issues that we are not focusing on. For example, what challenges will come with robots or artificial intelligence? Maybe we will genetically modify ourselves into extinction. Whatever the issue, make it as out of the box as possible. 

I look forward to hearing your ideas!