What Are You Afraid Of?


I recently read a blog where people commented on their strange and unusual fears. I thought most of them were actually normal. So, I looked up other strange fears. Some I thought were interesting were: fear of the toaster, fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, fear of belly buttons, and fear of the left side.

What are your fears. Comment on this blog and tell us about what scares you. I listed my strange fears below. Try not to laugh too hard. 🙂

You can’t catch me. I’m the Gingerbread man! I hate that little nuisance! My mom used to bake gingerbread man cookies and then put them on the stairs when I wasn’t looking. I would turn around and see them and it totally freaked me out. (I was 5 at the time) She told me that I had to catch them and bite off their legs so they wouldn’t run. I thought they were alive and was scared they would try to attack me if I bit them.

I am ok now and I love gingerbread cookies, but I hate the story of the gingerbread man. I felt like he was creepy, always taunting. So, the gingerbread man cookies are my unusual fear. That and the poko-peeko-mites.

I don’t want to leave you hangin’. So, I will continue. Again, my mother came up with this one too. When I was little, (about 5) I would lose things. (like every kid) My mother would ask me, “Where did it go? What do you think happened to it?” I would tell her, “I don’t know.” She would say, “I bet the poko-peekomites took it.” She explained to me that little tiny people lived under the floorboards on the house. They would come out at night and steal things. Result: childhood mental scar number two. I really believed these weird little people lived under the floor.

Anyways, those are my two irrational fears. My mom did love me very much. We watched weird and scary movies all the time and I still love them today. I really don’t believe in anything supernatural. But, I like to imagine what it would be like if something strange and amazing did happen.

Cheers – Bald Guy


Sci Fi Rules!

Can ‘t wait for the new Star Wars!

I love Sci Fi. These are some of my favorites (What are yours?):

Star Wars

Star Trek (especially the new ones)


Jurassic Park

Blade Runner

The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings

Guardians of the Galaxy

Road Warrior




The Matrix


Childhood Toys

Had a blast from the past today at Dollar Tree. It was one of those punching bopper bags. The kind that you filled with air and you punch it, then it bounces back upright. Totally worth the $1. It got me thinking about all the fun toys I had when I was a kid. Below are some of my favorites. What are yours?

We had video games too! Atari was the bomb back in the day. Nothing like watching little squares move around the TV screen.

The punching bag bopper. Hours of fun taking out your anger on this guy.

The Ultimate! The Original Millennium Falcon. This was my prized possession.

Godzilla! Complete with fire breathing, lever activated tongue and an eject-able fist. (The tail came off too and you could hide things in there. Not sure if this was by design. Bonus!)

Lego Space Set. One of the classics and a favorite.

The old Nerf football. We played football every day at lunch and then again after school.

Stretch Armstrong. Not much you could do with this toy, but everyone had to have one.

Tobor (Robot spelled backward). State of the art technology. $13.99 was pretty pricey back then.

Well, that’s it. How about you?

Super Sci-Fi List

Image result for star wars

I love everything Sci-Fi: Movies, Books, Video Games, TV Shows, Toys.

I decided to make a list of some of my favorite Sci-Fi stuff. What are yours?

Types of Sci-Fi

Artificial Intelligence

Movies and TV

Star Wars
Star Trek
The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Guardians of the Galaxy


JRR Tolkien
Isaac Asimov
Stephen King
Orson Scott Card
Ray Bradbury
Jules Verne

Video Games

Space Invaders
Missile Command

Games, Games and more Games!

When was the last time you played a game with your kids? I love games, any kind of game. For a dad, it is a great way to interact with your kids. There are even some good ones online where everyone can play together. I made a list of all the games I like. What are your favorites?

Board Games:

Monopoly – probably the best board game of all time. What a great way to learn capitalism 🙂

Risk – another great one. Even better to learn world domination 🙂

Catan – great game. learn about trade, strategy, resources.

Shadow Hunter – a new game I played recently, a bit gory, but very interesting.

Pandemic – I like this one because you all work together to save the world.

Card Games:

Poker – Good game to learn how to read others and anticipate.

Gin Rummy – Easy to learn and fun

Uno – Classic, fast paced, easy to learn

Dominion – a great game that can change each time you play.

Loot – Fun pirate game where you try to capture as much gold from ships. Many strategies.

Saboteur – Fun card game where you work together as the dwarves trying to get the gold or the saboteurs trying to stop them.

Hearts – I am still learning the strategies for this.

Spades – I am still learning the strategies for this.

Online Games:

Kahoot – Online trivia that you make up yourself.

Wheel of Fortune – Hangman, bur more fun.

Minecraft – Like legos and blocks, but much cooler and faster.

Video Games:

Super Mario – Everyone knows Mario. My son is an expert.

Diablo – Walk around and kill monsters all day.

Ghost Recon – Like being on your own special forces team.

Warcraft – Control the destiny of your city and military

Starcraft – Warcraft but with spaceships.


Football – Every play something exciting can happen.

Soccer – Great exercise, you never stop running.

Tennis – Low cost, takes only 90 minutes.

Snowboarding – Awesome!

Golf – Very relaxing, you can play when your are 90.

Bowling – You don’t need to be good to bowl.

Frisbee – Cheap and fun

Volleyball – A great way to get friends together.

Rugby – If you want to feel pain, play rugby.

Basketball – Lots of running and teamwork.

Wrestling – The most tired you will be after 3 minutes in your life.

Pool – Great for hanging out with your buddies.

Foosball – Faster paced wrist action.

Darts – Another great hanging out game.