Childhood Toys

Had a blast from the past today at Dollar Tree. It was one of those punching bopper bags. The kind that you filled with air and you punch it, then it bounces back upright. Totally worth the $1. It got me thinking about all the fun toys I had when I was a kid. Below are some of my favorites. What are yours?

We had video games too! Atari was the bomb back in the day. Nothing like watching little squares move around the TV screen.

The punching bag bopper. Hours of fun taking out your anger on this guy.

The Ultimate! The Original Millennium Falcon. This was my prized possession.

Godzilla! Complete with fire breathing, lever activated tongue and an eject-able fist. (The tail came off too and you could hide things in there. Not sure if this was by design. Bonus!)

Lego Space Set. One of the classics and a favorite.

The old Nerf football. We played football every day at lunch and then again after school.

Stretch Armstrong. Not much you could do with this toy, but everyone had to have one.

Tobor (Robot spelled backward). State of the art technology. $13.99 was pretty pricey back then.

Well, that’s it. How about you?


I Want…


I want a pony. I want a car.

I want the universe in a tiny jar.

I want diamonds. I want gold.

I want to live forever and never get old.

I want this. I want that.

I want to eat candy and never get fat.

I want new toys. I want new games.

I want stuffed animals with many names.

I want fun. I want rides.

I want a park full of wonderful slides.

I want computers. I want controls.

I want colorful cereal to fill all my bowls.

I want my dessert. I want my friends.

I want a story that never ever ends.

I want to be tall. I want to be strong.

I want hair that is five hundred feet long.


I need to drink water. I need to eat food.

I need to be polite and not to be rude.

I need to breathe air. I need a warm home.

I need some space to go on my own.

I need to learn. I need to grow.

I need to have fun and play in the snow.

I need to have clothes. I need to bathe.

I need to be smart about the money I save.

I need to be safe. I need to think straight.

I need to take time and never be late.

I need to remember. I need to rest.

I need to feel my heart in my chest.

I need to share. I need to connect.

I need to praise, help and protect.

I need to be brave. I need to care.

I need some new pairs of underwear.

Some things I want and some things I need.

Of all of the things, most important is love.