Games, Games and more Games!

When was the last time you played a game with your kids? I love games, any kind of game. For a dad, it is a great way to interact with your kids. There are even some good ones online where everyone can play together. I made a list of all the games I like. What are your favorites?

Board Games:

Monopoly – probably the best board game of all time. What a great way to learn capitalism 🙂

Risk – another great one. Even better to learn world domination 🙂

Catan – great game. learn about trade, strategy, resources.

Shadow Hunter – a new game I played recently, a bit gory, but very interesting.

Pandemic – I like this one because you all work together to save the world.

Card Games:

Poker – Good game to learn how to read others and anticipate.

Gin Rummy – Easy to learn and fun

Uno – Classic, fast paced, easy to learn

Dominion – a great game that can change each time you play.

Loot – Fun pirate game where you try to capture as much gold from ships. Many strategies.

Saboteur – Fun card game where you work together as the dwarves trying to get the gold or the saboteurs trying to stop them.

Hearts – I am still learning the strategies for this.

Spades – I am still learning the strategies for this.

Online Games:

Kahoot – Online trivia that you make up yourself.

Wheel of Fortune – Hangman, bur more fun.

Minecraft – Like legos and blocks, but much cooler and faster.

Video Games:

Super Mario – Everyone knows Mario. My son is an expert.

Diablo – Walk around and kill monsters all day.

Ghost Recon – Like being on your own special forces team.

Warcraft – Control the destiny of your city and military

Starcraft – Warcraft but with spaceships.


Football – Every play something exciting can happen.

Soccer – Great exercise, you never stop running.

Tennis – Low cost, takes only 90 minutes.

Snowboarding – Awesome!

Golf – Very relaxing, you can play when your are 90.

Bowling – You don’t need to be good to bowl.

Frisbee – Cheap and fun

Volleyball – A great way to get friends together.

Rugby – If you want to feel pain, play rugby.

Basketball – Lots of running and teamwork.

Wrestling – The most tired you will be after 3 minutes in your life.

Pool – Great for hanging out with your buddies.

Foosball – Faster paced wrist action.

Darts – Another great hanging out game.


We Need a Better Way to Educate our Children!

I have to admit that I am frustrated with the way my children are being educated. My daughter has one teacher who hands out paperwork and then goes back and sits at her desk and looks at her phone all class. With all of the technology we have today, our children should easily be able to get the best education from the best teachers in the world.

I am not sure how we can improve the situation, However, something needs to change. We need an education revolution.

Check out these TED talks to see more of what I mean: